This Month Marks 29 Years as Dr. Englund’s Dental Assistant!

It was brought to my attention the other day. I am OLD.
I think old is a state of mind.
Although, my body doesn’t snap back as fast as it did when I first started working here
at 21 years old… but, it does snap back …eventually.

When I think about it, when I was 21, I was naive.
I have learned so many things in my years working here.
Like how to care for a variety of people. From young kids, to old people (like me).
And, all the things that make an office run.

So, as I thought about it more…
I would much rather have OLD me working with you than, young me.

As a whole, when I added up the years that Dr. Englund and the staff here have
worked in patient care, It comes to 219 years combined! THAT’S AMAZING!
Think of all the people we have cared for!

In conclusion, I’d much rather have someone who’s been around
The mouth a few times… over, a new kid on the block.

– Jodi, LDA

Jodi & Dr. Englund

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