Patient Testimonial Videos

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Char’s Story

“I’m happy to refer Dr. Englund because he’s so good.  I’ve had a lot of dentists in my lifetime and I’ve had a lot of dental work done.   I’ve had good dentists and I’ve had bad…It’s hard to find a good one but I have found a good one now and I’m very happy!”

Buzz’s Story

“Oh, I remember the old days, those pulley drills….today when I come in, it’s painless and he really treats you good and makes sure you’re comfortable.  I have referred a couple of my friends to Dr. Englund and I just said hey- the guy will treat you right, he does a good job and he’ll really try to save your teeth.”

Allan’s Story

“I have been a patient of Dr. Englund’s for 30 years. I came here because I wasn’t happy with my other dentist and had a referral [to Dr. Englund] from a friend. It was just a very pleasant experience and I was really happy.”

Bev’s Story

“We had been a patient with Dr. Englund for at least 20 years, then my husband’s company changed their insurance, so we weren’t covered. So we decided, we better go look and see where we’d be covered and everywhere we went was bad. One was so dirty and nobody was in the office. So we came back here that same day and told Dr. Englund, “We’re staying with you, we’re not leaving”.

Mary’s Story

“The office girls are real professional, yet they have a nice sense of humor… And you just get to be friends with them.”


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