Happy Holidays!


This is the season we call:

The Season of Re-cement.
Usually at this time of year; Halloween through Christmas
those great tasting, gooey, sticky candies are everywhere!
You know, you can’t have just one!
And those candies are just waiting to pull off your crown.
Just the other day, my husband, popped in a Tootsie Roll;
Bit down on it, made an awful face and spit the candy on the counter
with his shiny white crown in it.
I gasped! He said “ are you upset that my crown came off?”
I said “NO!, I’m upset you spit that on my clean counter!”
So, as a friendly reminder
save yourself some time, money and aggravation.
Think twice before you give into your sweet tooth.
But, if you forget and pull your crown out
Make up a good story on how it came out.
(I’ve already heard the candy story!)



Your friendly dental assistant..

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