Dentistry is an Artform

Dentistry is an artform and Dr. Englund is a true artiste.

All of our patients know that Dr. Englund is a fabulous Dentist but what you may not know is that he is also an incredibly talented photographer.  In fact, all of the framed photographs displayed throughout our office were actually taken by Dr. Englund.

“Dr. Englund has an eye for design and can see the beauty in almost anything”  – Jodi, LDA

Dr. Englund’s eye for design not only allows him to take great photographs but is also extremely advantageous when he is practicing dentistry.

Dr. Englund takes everything into consideration when he treats his patients.  He has the unique ability to zero in, yet still see the big picture.  Dr. Englund sees teeth as his canvas, making sure every filling is precisely polished and every crown precisely fit.

“His dentistry absolutely reflects his artistic talents.  That’s what makes him so special.” – Sue, RDH

Next time you visit Osseo Smiles, be sure to check out our custom artwork.  You’ll find it on all of our office’s walls and in all of our patient’s mouths!

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