Change is good.

Especially when you need a quarter to complete your transaction for that treat you’ve been craving.

Change is also good when you finally get to retire and enjoy your family…as in the case of our office manager, Lynnae, who retired this May.

Enter in a new change to the front desk area, Deanna a fun, vivacious new face to greet you warmly when you enter the office.

Change is good with our new Hygienist, Heather a 2012 University of Minnesota graduate.

It’s great to have a new perspective and a fresh set of eyes to complete your care here.

Another change is Kim, our new dental assistant.

She is a fun and energetic addition to our family.

Not all things are changing…

Dr. Englund, Sandy and Jodi are still here… It’s good to mix the change up a bit.

We complement each other well and have fun with one another which can make your experience here more enjoyable.

In Summary, CHANGE is good.

Notice our changes here and have a great dental experience along the way.

Hope to see you soon!

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