Is it just me?

Is it just me or does anyone else notice those little white flossers on the ground in parking lots?

My family is annoyed with me because, I’ve made it into a game.

How many little white flossers can I find on the way into the store?

My record is 4 flossers.

Being in dentistry, I’m conflicted…Should I be grossed out that there are little white flossers on the ground ?

Should I be happy that someone probably flossed their teeth ?

Or, are people that ” floss on the run” litter bugs?

Did the flossers fall out of their pockets? The same pocket that they store their keys and used kleenex’s?

Did they just toss them to the ground because they were done flossing?

I guess I am glad people floss their teeth.

Maybe, when I hand out the little white flossers, it should come with directions like this…FLOSS DAILY,when finished…THROW THEM INTO THE TRASH not on the parking lot..


Dr. Englund’s assistant

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